Understanding Wood, 2nd Edition. R. Bruce Hoadley.

Understanding Wood, 2nd Edition.

Taunton Press, 10/00. A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology. Item #4197
ISBN: 9781561583584

This book answers every Craftspersonís question: Why does wood do what it does? Updated in 2000 to include information on composite materials, adhesives, and finishes developed in the past 20 years, this completely revised classic has everything you need to know about wood technology. The author explores the nature of wood and its properties, the basics of wood technology, and the woodworkerís raw materials. Youíll learn the best ways to cut, season, machine, join, bend, fasten, and finish wood, and explore the crucial interaction of wood and moisture. Youíll also find the latest on wood products and where to buy them. A ìmust-have book!
280pp. $44.95hc Taunton Press, (10/2000)

Price: $44.95

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