Complete Guide To Sharpening. Lee 070256.

Complete Guide To Sharpening.

Taunton Press, 04/96. "'ll find a wealth of information that will make you stop and think about your present sharpening practices." Woodworker. Item #4109
ISBN: 9781561581252

How to put a better than razor-sharp edges on virtually any woodworking tool. Leonard Lee, a well-known tool manufacturer, covers the practical and technical information to sharpen tools quickly, efficiently and safely. Descriptive photos, clear line drawings and step-by-step instructions show exactly how to improve the performance and safety of any cutting tool. This book covers all the major edge tools as well as carving and turning tools, scrapers, saws, drill bits, router bits and more. 256pp., 255 photos, 160 drawings. pb.

Price: $24.95

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