Item #26290 Steel Construction Manual, 16th Edition. American Institute of Steel Construction 9206X16, AISC.

Steel Construction Manual, 16th Edition.

AISC, 09/01/2023. Item #26290
ISBN: 9781564241160

From the AISC:

This edition of the Manual contains 2,432 pages of structural steel design information. Each of the 18 major content sections has a corresponding thumb cut for easy access. The book is hardbound in durable gold vinyl with black stamping. The cover graphic comes from 1960s editions of "AISC News."


  • New 50 ksi steel design tables

  • Properties and dimensions for 210 new HSS shapes

  • Revised and expanded discussion of prying action

  • New and revamped tables for design of double-angle connections, single-plate connections, single-angle connections, and shear end-plate connections

  • New section on the design of simple connections for combined forces

  • Updated discussion on the chevron effect, as well as new information and a new table on wrap-around gusset plates

 The 16th edition Manual also includes the 2022 editions of the AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings and the AISC Code of Standard Practice.


Price: $525.00