Item #26265 Code Check Complete, 3rd Edition. Redwood Kardon Douglas Hansen, Skip Walker.

Code Check Complete, 3rd Edition.

An Illustrated Guide to the Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes

Taunton Press, 5/1/2023. Paddy Morrissey. Third. Item #26265
ISBN: 9781631869457

From the Publisher:

If you are a builder, remodeler, building inspector, or anyone who plays a role in building a home, you know how invaluable a good reference book is for staying on top of codes. 

Now in its third edition, Code Check Complete combines the full versions of the individual Code Check titles into a single, complete, all-in-one guide to the most commonly cited code violations encountered by building inspectors.
From general building and mechanicals to electrical and plumbing, Code Check Complete pairs clear language with helpful tables and illustrations to clarify the complex rules and many changes in the latest codes so that every project can be completed fast, on-budget, and safely.

Contributor Bios: 
Redwood Kardon, who devised and wrote the first Code Check, is a former electrician and building inspector for the city of Oakland, CA. Coauthor Douglas Hansen is a general contractor and certified combination inspector with over 25 years of field experience. Skip Walker is a certified residential combination inspector, with a particular interest in smoke alarm performance issues and deck safety. The authors present seminars and classes nationwide on a wide variety of building topics. Paddy Morrissey, former senior illustrator of, has been the sole illustrator for the Code Check series since its inception.



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