Item #26250 Code Check Electrical / 9th edition (for 2020 NEC). Redwood Kardon Douglas Hansen, Skip Walker.

Code Check Electrical / 9th edition (for 2020 NEC).

Taunton Press, 12/2020. Michael Casey. Item #26250
ISBN: 9781641551670

From the Publisher;

Now in its ninth edition, this timely, invaluable reference guide gives users the information they need to avoid the most common electrical code violations, while emphasizing the central safety principles that underlie the 2020 National Electrical Code.

This revised and expanded edition of Code Check Electrical has been completely updated to the latest National Electrical Code. Spiral bound with durable, laminated pages, this reliable resource puts hundreds of code facts at your fingertips and clearly details how to avoid the most common electrical violations. The ninth edition covers every type of residential electrical system, offering the most up-to-date information on grounding, bonding, service panels, branch circuits, GFCIs and AFCIs, switches, receptacles, and so much more. And for the first time, this expanded edition also features information on commercial electrical systems. Over one hundred tables and figures make this the on-the-job choice for electricians, contractors, and inspectors.

Spiral bound with durable laminated pages, the books in this series are designed to be used on-site for quick reference, ensuring that all jobs meet the highest safety standards while drastically reducing code violations. The Code Check series is endorsed by the International Code Council (ICC).


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