Item #26241 Currently Classic: Jonathan Rachman Design. Jonathan Rachman, Dean Rhys-Morgan.

Currently Classic: Jonathan Rachman Design.

Flammarion-Pere Castor, 2022. Item #26241
ISBN: 9782080242266


Jonathan Rachman's instantly classic designs come to life in vibrant and sumptuous color in this first monograph on the Sumatran-born, San Francisco-based interior decorator.


Interior decorator Jonathan Rachman opens the doors to his universe in this volume illustrating his eclectic, vividly colorful, and markedly refined style, through various projects undertaken for prestigious clients.


Born on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, trained in Switzerland, and today based out of San Francisco, Rachman injects his projects with his own wide-reaching, worldly experience, his explorations into provincial flea markets, and his taste for textiles, leather goods, handicrafts, and art objects. In each of his designs, he combines the best materials from the East and the West, devising personalized plans for his clients and creating a timeless approach to interior design.


With a lively color palette, luxurious materials, and an incredible attention to detail, Rachman has received multiple awards and acclaim for his work from renowned publications such as VogueElle, and Harper's Bazaar.

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