Item #26224 Concrete Manual: 2021 IBC and ACI 318-19. Gerald B. Neville Steven H. Kosmatka, P. E.

Concrete Manual: 2021 IBC and ACI 318-19.

Concrete Quality and Field Practices

International Code Council, 2021. Item #26224
ISBN: 9781957212005

From the Publisher;
The Concrete Manual, now updated to the 2021
International Building Code® (IBC)
and ACI
, provides the guidance and information that inspectors and other
construction professionals need to become more proficient in concrete field practices and inspection.

    • Introduces concrete and explains what it is and why it behaves as it does

    • Explain conventional concrete construction procedures

    • Covers special concrete technologies such as autoclaved, self-consolidating and pervious

    • Discuss control and inspection procedures

    • Explores statistical quality control methods and their application to concrete construction

    • Details proper field testing procedures

    • Details proper placement of reinforcement

A Resource Reference section includes a list of the concrete industry and technical organizations to contact for additional information. Your purchase of the Concrete Manual includes exclusive online access to the Concrete Manual
Workbook to help you master concrete inspection and field practices. The
workbook contains learning objectives, lesson notes, key points for studying,
and quizzes for each chapter. The answer key includes references to the
applicable sections in the Concrete Manual.

562 pages, paperback International Code Council, Copyright Date: 2021


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