Item #25906 NFPA 13: Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook 2019. National Fire Protection Association, NFPA.

NFPA 13: Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook 2019.

NFPA, 2019. Yes expensive, but SO worth the extra money for the history, applications, and explanations of each code section. Item #25906

Ever wonder what the difference is between an NFPA® handbook and a code or standard? We’re glad you asked.

NFPA codes and standards both provide requirements for achieving outcomes. Handbooks take a deeper dive, providing the full text of a code or standard as well as expert commentary and features such as graphics, decision trees, testing procedures, case studies, sample forms and checklists, and other helpful aids to give a better understanding of the reasoning behind the requirements and how to apply them.


  • A code or standard is a framework—a set of rules to follow with a goal to achieve a certain result

  • A handbook is a connector—linking requirements to application by helping you understand the reasoning behind a code or standard

The simplest way to think about it is that codes and standards list the technical requirements while handbooks explain those requirements to clarify how to apply them.

2019 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook - referenced by California's Title 24 Codes

1200+ pages, hardcover


Price: $210.00

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