Item #25901 Shelter II. Lloyd Kahn.

Shelter II.

Long Lost Sequel to Shelter! Reprinted 2010

Shelter Publications, 1978. Item #25901
ISBN: 9780936070490

From the Publisher:
Shelter II is the second in a series of books about people building their own homes in different parts of the world. The principles outlined in Shelter, published over 40 years ago, seem even more important today: relearning the still-usable skills of the past and doing more hand work in providing life's necessities. Shelter II provides a basic manual of design and construction for the first time house-builder. The book begins with simple shelters still being built and lived in by people with minimal resources. They can be viewed for historical or anthropological interest, or as sensible, instructive examples of efficient construction by those who lack the choices available in industrialized societies. There are also personal accounts and seasoned advice from builders in different climates, with a variety of design approaches, construction techniques, and building materials. A home is still a place for working, resting, sharing, healing, dreaming . . . some things haven't changed that much.
224 pages. Reprint 2010 Shelter Publications.

Price: $19.95

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