Item #25889 Significant Changes to the California Building Code 2019. Douglas Thornburg David Armstrong, Sandra Hyde.

Significant Changes to the California Building Code 2019.

ICC, 2019. Item #25889

Gain full access to the most critical updates to the 2019 California Building Code, the real-world application of those changes, and why they originated – all in a single, easy-to-use resource. Significant Changes to the California Building Code, 2019 Edition, provides a comprehensive analysis of the significant changes in the 2019 California Building Code, offering key insights into its contents and its implications. Coverage includes changes made to both structural and nonstructural provisions. Each change analysis features the affected code sections and identifies the change as newly-added text, a modification of the existing language, or deleted text. Accompanying each change is a detailed illustration or example, which brings the technical jargon of the code to life in a real-world setting..

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