Tugboats Illustrated. Paul Farrell.

Tugboats Illustrated.

Norton, 11/29/2016. History * Technology * Seamanship. Item #25823
ISBN: 9780393069310

From the Publisher:

"A gorgeous, amazingly detailed guide to the evolution, design, and role of tugboats, from the earliest days of steam to today's most advanced ocean-going workboats."

From river to harbor to ocean, tugboats are among the most ubiquitous but underappreciated craft afloat. Whether maneuvering ships out from between tight harbor finger piers, pushing rafts of forty barges up the Mississippi, towing enormous oil rigs, or just delivering huge piles of gravel to a river port near you, tugs exude a sense of genial strength guided by the wise experience of their crews. We can admire the precision of their coordination, the determination in their movements, the glow of signal lights at night, silently communicating their condition and intentions to vessels nearby. It is nearly impossible not to be intrigued and impressed by the way tugs work.  

From Builders:

Living and working near San Francisco Bay you can't help but be intrigued and attracted to the Tugboats plying the Bay waters. Here is a book to scatch that itch!

192 pages, hard cover. Norton, November 2016


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