Code Check Building 4th Edition. Douglas Hansen, Redwood Kardon.

Code Check Building 4th Edition.

Taunton Press, 11/01/2016. Item #25822
ISBN: 9781631865657

From the "Code Check" Guru's:

The latest book in the Code Check series is based on the first 10 chapters of the
2015 International Residential Code. We have expanded the tables to make the book more usable in the field. There are
significant changes to the rules for smoke alarms, fire protection, framing, and wall coverings, as well as changes to the span tables and fastener schedules. The 61 illustrations and 31 tables in the book make complex code sections much easier to understand, and changes from the previous code edition are highlighted throughout. This book is endorsed by the International Code Council.

Here are some

32 laminated pages, Spiral Bound. Taunton Press November 2016

From Builders Booksource:

California Residential Code (Title 24 Part 2.5)
is based on the 2015 IRC
which this indispensible new edition references and demystifies.  Before we
even pull down the code book we pick up Code Check, and 95% of the time are
questions are answered. If you're in California, you might also consider

"Significant Changes to the California Residential Code"
 to get a
handle on how the State of California code differs from the IRC.


Price: $21.95

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