Drought Defying California Garden. Lucy Warren Greg Rubin.

Drought Defying California Garden.

Timber Press, 03/15/2016. 230 Native Plants for a Lush, Low-Water Landscape. Item #25785
ISBN: 9781604697094

From the Publishers:

 "The Drought-Defying California Garden" offers gardeners in the Golden State everything they need to get started on a new type of garden. It highlights the best 230 plants to grow, shares advice on how to get them established, and offers tips on how to maintain them with the minimum amount of water. All of the plants are native to California making them uniquely adept at managing the harsh climate and include perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, and succulents."

From Builders:

Native plant choices and how to make (AND KEEP!) them happy! After you have an idea of the garden design, here are the plants that will bring your garden to life. This is now one of our "go-yo" titles whenever we hear the word "native"...

206 pages, paper back. Timber Press (March 2016)

Price: $18.95

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