Transit Street Design Guide. National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Transit Street Design Guide.

Island Press, 4/01/2016. Item #25783
ISBN: 9781610917476

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"Cities thrive when we put people and transit first when designing our streets. In this guide, transit agencies and city transportation departments have collaborated on new approaches to improving transit operations and the rider’s experience—and make our cities better places." (David Bragdon Executive Director of TransitCenter; former President, Oregon Metro Council)


"Public transit customers want speed and reliability, but this goal can collide with desires for slow and intimate streets. Great streets can do both, and this guide shows how." (Jarrett Walker President and Principal Consultant of Jarrett Walker + Associates; author of Human Transit)

"The NACTO Transit Street Design Guide is part of a movement of cities to put people and transit right where they belong, at the heart of city street design. It’s about a shift in mindset and recognizing priorities, from moving machines to moving people." (Ed Reiskin Director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and NACTO President Emeritus)

"The Transit Street Design Guide offers on-the-ground knowledge and proven ideas about how transit makes great streets. Cities of every size can use this indispensable template to create streets that support local businesses and strong neighborhoods while moving more people more efficiently." (Seleta Reynolds General Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and NACTO President)

260 pages, hard cover. Island Press (April 2016)


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