Beautifully Small; Clever Ideas for Compact Spaces. Sara Emslie.

Beautifully Small; Clever Ideas for Compact Spaces.

Ryland, Peters, & Small, 10/01/2015. Item #25767
ISBN: 9781849755528

From the Publisher:

In Beautifully Small, Sara Emslie embraces
the positive aspects of living in small spaces and offers creative design and
style solutions to the practical problems associated with limited living space.

  •  In Chapter 1: Inspiration, Sara draws
    inspiration from truly tiny spaces such as boats and caravans as well as her
    own home - a diminutive workman's cottage in Richmond, London.

  •  In Chapter 2: Elements of Design, she discusses
    how even the most straightforward planning decisions can be complicated by
    the constraints of small spaces and suggests clever design solutions.

  • The third chapter, Elements of Style, explores ideas
    for making compact interiors work through creative styling and decoration.

  • In Chapter 4, a series of case studies takes a closer
    look at imaginative treatments for pocket-size interiors, showcasing a
    variety of tiny spaces including a terraced 'two-up, two-down' worker's
    cottage, a tiny studio with a clever mezzanine that incorporates a bathroom
    and a pint-sized coastal hideaway.

From Builders:

Fits right in our "Tiny House" section. After you build
it, here's how to make it work, "Beautifully" (at least in author Sara Emslie's

160 pages, hard cover, Ryland & Peters. October 2015


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