ARCHISKETCHER; Drawing Buildings, Cities, and Urban Landscapes. Simone Ridyard.

ARCHISKETCHER; Drawing Buildings, Cities, and Urban Landscapes.

North Light, 08/07/2015. Item #25759
ISBN: 9781440340918

From Builders:

Both inspiration & technique, this is a great new title
(August 2015) to get you out and "doing"...

From the Publisher:

"For urban sketchers...each new city is a clean white

There is nothing quite like the thrill of heading out on
the town, sketchbook in hand, in search of a view worth capturing. Archisketcher
will help you embrace the excitement of sketching on location while overcoming
common challenges. You'll see that you don't need to be an architect to draw
architecture confidently. Nor do you need to understand the intricate details of
perspective, design or color theory. This dynamic handbook tells you just what
you need to know to create sketches that work well compositionally, provide a
sense of depth and scale, and--most importantly--capture the true spirit of

  • Richly illustrated with urban landscapes from around
    the world--from skyscrapers in Asia, to picturesque English villages, to
    Mediterranean hill towns

  • Two-page spreads present various artists'
    interpretations of Notre Dame, the Brooklyn Bridge and other iconic

  • Features ten spotlights on contemporary urban
    sketchers who discuss the architectural styles and features in their own
    neighborhoods, from Montreal to Madrid

From architectural portraits to bustling streetscapes to
sweeping skylines, the art of urban sketching comes alive on these pages.
Whether you aspire to capture the pulse of cities afar or your own hometown, the
art and ideas in this book will make your efforts more successful and enjoyable.

160 pages, paperback, North Light Books  August 2015



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