Earthquake Strengthening for Vulnerable Homes. Thor Matteson.

Earthquake Strengthening for Vulnerable Homes.

A Practical Guide for Engineers, Contractors, Inspectors and Homeowners

Matteson, 07/01/2015. Item #25749
ISBN: 9780990664505

From the Publisher:

Comprehensive home strengthening guidance that picks up where all else written on this vital topic leaves off.

A sampling of the information within, much of which is found exclusively in this book:

  • How Earthquakes damage wood-framed buildings of various ages and styles

  • How to tell if existing hardware under a house will effectively resist earthquakes

  • Whether foundaiton repairs should be done now, can be delayed, or dismissed

  • The latest tested and accepted strengthening methods

  • Recommended framing connectors and concrete anchors

  • Specific tools that are useful in certain situations, essential in others

  • Time-saving installation methods

  • Dozens of contractor-tested construciton details

  • Why standard pressure-treated lumber does more damage than good

  • How to prioritze retrofiting versus attending to termite and water damage

  • Which strenghtning methods to implement on a limited budget

  • What commonly seen retrofit methods are rarely worth the investment

  • How to distinguish a superior installation from a poor attempt

  • Why having an engineer design a strengthening system may save more money than following "pre-engineered" municipal guidelines

273 pages, paperback.


Price: $39.95

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