Item #25665 San Francisco Neon: Survivors and Lost Icons. Randall-Ann Homan, Al Barna.

San Francisco Neon: Survivors and Lost Icons.

Giant Orange Press, 11/25/2014. Item #25665
ISBN: 9780692299074

"This wonderful book offers a uniquely atmospheric tour of a world that is rapidly disappearing. It’s at once a gift to designers and a souvenir of the colorful night world of the City by the Bay. Some of the photographs have a cinematic quality, or inspire film noir reveries, with vibrant signs that beckon, warm and welcoming, to denizens of the night. One half expects to see Hopper’s Nighthawks illuminated in the glow. Tighter shots focus on whimsical details and the inventive compositions of the signs themselves. The photographers know San Francisco well, and deserve praise for capturing these charming and often remarkable signs with such affection and care."

— Richard Sala, author of Mad Night (Fantagraphics Books)

160 pages, 200 images, hardcover. Giant Orange Press (December 2014).

Price: $33.00

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