2015 International Residential Code Softcover (IRC 15). 3100S15.

2015 International Residential Code Softcover (IRC 15).

International Code Council, 06/13/2014. For one and two-family dwellings. Item #25619
ISBN: 9781609834708

From the Publisher:

The 2015 IRC® contains many important changes including:

  • Common walls separating townhouses must now be rated for 2 hours when an automatic fire sprinkler system is not installed.

  • Remodeling of an existing basement does not trigger the emergency escape and rescue opening requirements unless a new bedroom is created.

  • Ramps that do not serve the required egress door are now permitted to have a slope not greater than 1 unit vertical in 8 units horizontal.

  • Carbon monoxide alarms now require connection to the house wiring system with battery backup. A carbon monoxide alarm is required in bedrooms when there is a fuel-fired appliance in the bedroom or adjoining bathroom.

  • Revised lumber capacities have changed the span lengths for floor joists, ceiling joists and rafters in the prescriptive tables of the IRC.

  • New sections and tables provide prescriptive methods for posts, beams, joists and connections in deck construction.

  • The girder and header span tables of Chapter 5 have been moved into Chapter 6. Multi-ply and single header tables are combined. A new section describing rim board headers is added.


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