The Story of Buildings. Patrick Dillon, Stephen, Biesty, Author.

The Story of Buildings.

Candlewick Press, 03/15/2014. From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond. Item #25594
ISBN: 9780763669904

From the Publisher:

We spend most of our lives in buildings. We make our homes in them. We go to school in them. We work in them. But why and how did people start making buildings? How did they learn to make them stronger, bigger, and more comfortable? Why did they start to decorate them in different ways? From the pyramid erected so that an Egyptian pharaoh would last forever to the dramatic, machine-like Pompidou Center designed by two young architects, Patrick Dillon’s stories of remarkable buildings -- and the remarkable people who made them -- celebrates the ingenuity of human creation. Stephen Biesty’s extraordinarily detailed illustrations take us inside famous buildings throughout history and demonstrate just how these marvelous structures fit together.

Aspiring architects will be in their element! Explore this illustrated narrative history of buildings for young readers, an amazing construction in itself.

From Builders:

What an amazing book! For a sophisticated 8 year old to a curious 80 year old! The drawings and text teach and inspire. Budding architects, engineers, or builders will find this a feast for their imaginations...

96 pages, hundreds of illustrations with 20+ fold-outs. Candlewick Press March 2014


Price: $19.95

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