The Home Book; a Complete Guide to Homeowner & Homebuilder Responsibilites. George Wolfson David MacLellan, Douglas Hansen.

The Home Book; a Complete Guide to Homeowner & Homebuilder Responsibilites.

Homeowners Education Association, 02/01/2014. Item #25590
ISBN: 9780989489904

From the Publisher;

A practical guide for owners of new homes!

The Home Book, a Complete Guide to Homeowner and Homebuilder Resposibilities is useful for builders and homeowners alike, aligning expectations with responsibility and practical care.

Many years ago, governmental officials decided it was appropriate for builders of houses to adhere to certain construction standards that affected the health, safety and welfare of the general populace. As a result, the first Uniform Building Code was Published in 1927. The latest International Residential Code was published in 2012. This book is based upon the 2012 International Residential and Building Codes. These codes, in the past, present and future, are the minimum building requirement to which a builder must build.

The authors have been careful in producing the subject matter of this manual, so as not to create a conflict between any applicable codes and the following Performance Guidelines.

Codes are continuously changing, therefore if there are any conflicts between the subject matter of this manual and the standards set forth in any current or future codes, the code standards should take precedence.

Included in this manual are:

  • Construction Performance Guidelines

  • Important Maintenance Items

  • Information on Home Construction

The Home Book is an easy-to-read manual and an excellent tool for the consumer to understand a new home. The manual contains appropriate and comprehensive homeowner maintenance tips and defines the standards to which the home should be built.

 Despite a significant need, uniform government standards of performance and quality in the homebuilding industry do not exist. While numerous books have been written about construction quality, few books, publications, or other materials dealing with building performance standards or guidelines have been published. The various International Codes, adopted and modified by governing agencies in the State of California and elsewhere, cover building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and other house component systems. They derive their language from a health and safety viewpoint, and not necessarily from a construction quality or workmanship standard.

Historically, the definition of quality in homebuilding has largely been a matter of personal and subjective opinion. One person's "minimum quality standards" may be another person's "overbuilding." Should disputes arise regarding issues of construction quality and workmanship, both homeowners and builders are often frustrated by the absence of a written, unbiased reference to deal with these issues. It is the intent of this Manual to provide that written reference.

The Home Book is available as a primary reference to both qualify and quantify residential construction issues. The authors have taken steps to prepare this manual in a style that can be easily understood by a typical homeowner. The book is not a technical manual written for the construction industry nor is it a "how to do it" manual describing specific methods to build or repair a house. The manual was first published in 2002 and has been updated four times since then. The 2014 edition represents current changes as well as feedback from the users of the Manual. There are numerous books on the market today describing the best methods and best practices for residential construction, and several of these books are noted in the Bibliography.

275 pages, paperback. Building Standards Institute, (February 2014)


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