Reyes of Light: The Point Reyes Lighthouse and the National Seashore. Kathleen Goodwin Richard Blair.

Reyes of Light: The Point Reyes Lighthouse and the National Seashore.

Color & Light, 12/10/2013. Item #25585
ISBN: 9780983523956

From the Publisher (author):

The Point Reyes Lighthouse is captured within these pages-both as it exists today and its compelling history. There are contemporary landscape photographs by the authors as well as images dating from the nineteenth century.

Included is the U.S. Life-Saving Service, which patrolled Point Reyes beaches, undertaking dangerous rescues in human-powered lifeboats before the modern Coast Guard was born. The people of the era are revealed through their own accounts, their journals, newspapers of the time, and even the gravestones of brave, young life-savers.

Perhaps the most inspiring sight visitors to the Lighthouse observe are whales, who pass by on their migrations along the Pacific coast.

Photographs and essays illuminate their remarkable lives. Other animals of Point Reyes, such as elephant seals, coyotes deer and elk, are described in the natural history section.

Life on the “A to Z”  ranches, past and present, is illustrated with images of farms, cow portraits, and museum artifacts. The creation of the Point Reyes National Seashore is also related.

This is an essential book for both lighthouse buffs and Point Reyes enthusiasts. It is a remarkable publication by two park afficionados who have spent decades in the national parks.

From George:

From another Pointt Reyes nut, and all around ocean enthusiast, this is an amazing new book!

176 pages, paperback.Color & Light 2014

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