Shingle Style: Living in San Francisco's Brown Shingles. Lucia Howard, David Weingarten.

Shingle Style: Living in San Francisco's Brown Shingles.

Rizzoli, 04/15/2013. Item #25535
ISBN: 9780847840045

From the Publisher

An inspiring showcase of masterpieces of the Shingle Style. A richly photographed presentation of some of the most important Shingle Style houses built in America, this book gives readers a privileged view into the splendid interiors of these late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century masterpieces of domestic design. Shingle Style traces the path of shingle-clad residential architecture from its Romantic beginnings to the current dizzying variety of architectural ideas--from modern to historicist, green to organic--expressed in the Shingle Style. David Duncan Livingston's full-color photographs exquisitely capture these architectural masterpieces, complete with delightful original interior details, and authors Lucia Howard and David Weingarten place these houses in their proper historical context as examples of the best American Shingle Style design.

Local Authors!

Lucia Howard and David Weingarten are principals at Ace Architects in Oakland, California. Weingarten has authored several design books, including Bay Area Style and Ranch Houses: Living the California Dream.

207 pages, hard cover. Rizzoli Publishers April 2013.

Price: $24.99

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