CEQA Deskbook, 3rd Edition. Kenneth Bogdan Ronald Bass, Terry Rivasplata.

CEQA Deskbook, 3rd Edition.

Solano Press, 02/01/2013. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Comply with the California Environmental Quality Act. Item #25527
ISBN: 9780923956486


CEQA Deskbook is unique...

  • The only easy-to-understand, illustrated guide to CEQA

  • Used by professionals throughout California

  • Recognized by the Association of Environmental Professionals with an
    Award of Excellence

  • Cited as an authoritative source by the California courts

  • A popular textbook in professional workshops and university courses


  • All legislative amendments through 2012

  • The most recent version of the State CEQA Guidelines, including
    revisions related to greenhouse gas emissions

  • Sidebar discussion of key court decisions

  • Practice tips addressing commonly occurring issues

  • New and revised flow charts and diagrams explaining important elements
    of CEQA

  • Advice about integrating CEQA with NEPA and other environmental laws

  • Hard-to-find studies of CEQA's effectiveness

  • Pointers for successful compliance


  • Climate Change, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change impacts in
    CEQA documents

  • New Chapters and expanded discussions on Initial Studies, Negative
    Declarations and Mitigated Negative Declarations

  • Additional case tables summarizing key court decisions

  • Coverage of new legislation and CEQA Guidelines revisions

  • Practice Tips for successful implementation of CEQA

With the CEQA Deskbook, users will be able to...

  • Understand the entire environmental review process under CEQA

  • Determine if a project is subject to CEQA

  • Learn when to prepare Negative Declarations, Mitigated Negative
    Declarations, and Environmental Impact Reports, including Program and Master

  • Streamline CEQA through the use of "tiering" and other tools

  • Prepare complete, useful, and legally sufficient documents

  • Develop an appropriate range of alternatives

  • Write adequate, feasible, and effective mitigation measures

  • Critically review and evaluate CEQA documents

  • Integrate CEQA with other environmental laws, including NEPA

The CEQA Deskbook is ideal for:

  • Environmental specialists

  • State and local agency staff and decision makers

  • Attorneys specializing in environmental law

  • Students

  • Concerned citizens who want to effectively influence the environmental
    decisions that shape their communities

  • Anyone looking for a reader-friendly overview of CEQA

398 pages, paperback. Solano Press (Feb. 2013)


Price: $80.00