Soils, Earthwork, and Foundations. P. E. Kirby Meyer, F. ASCE.

Soils, Earthwork, and Foundations.

ICC, 02/2008. A Practical Approach based on 2012 IRC and IBC. Item #25526
ISBN: 4036s12

From the ICC:

A resource for soils and foundations, this book is a bridge between the world of
geotechnical engineering and foundation design and construction activities and
inspections dealing with soil conditions and building foundations.

The book has illustrations to provide understanding of the principles involved
in foundations and guidelines for when to call on professionals, such as a
geotechnical or foundation design engineer. The reference helps the reader
communicate with geotechnical and structural professionals. Building
department personnel, inspectors, laboratory personnel, and foundation and
earthwork contractors will find the book helpful. Architects and engineers will
benefit from the information on design and field applications for foundations.

Important added features of this second edition include expanded discussion of
earthwork, fill, compaction control, grading control and inspection. Discussion
of construction and inspection of roadways and parking lots has also been added
along with an extensive treatment of the 2012 International
Building Code 
Special Inspector

Topics in Soils,
Earthwork and Foundations

  • Bonus study material at the end of each chapter

  • Site investigation, geology, soil classification, sampling and testing

  • Soils reports and construction documents

  • Foundation design and construction

  • Seismic site classification

  • Retaining walls and slopes

  • Contour lines, site plans and grade stakes

  • Filling, cutting and compaction

  • Construction equipment

  • Field inspection reports and Special Inspectors

  • Foundation non-performance

References to the 2012 International
Building Code 
and International
Residential Code
 are provided
throughout. Use this book when studying for the Soils Special Inspection
Certification Exam. Review questions are included at the end of each chapter.

311 pages, paperback. International Code Council (January 2013)


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