Home Remodeling. Taunton.

Home Remodeling.

Taunton Press, 03/2012. Planning*Design*Construction. Item #25481
ISBN: 9781600854286

From the Publisher;

While new construction has slowed to a crawl and upgrading to a bigger house
is no longer a sure thing, more and more homeowners are choosing to remodel.
They’re actively looking for information on how to make their current home a
better place to live. This collection of 36 articles from the experts at Fine
the most respected residential construction magazine in the
country, lays out detailed information on every stage of remodeling—from
planning and design to building and installation, upgrades, finishing, and

Coverage includes interior and exterior design and building strategies, as
well as information on additions and tips for living comfortably through a
remodel. This complete guide, which includes 300 color photographs, 75 drawings,
practical sidebars, and case studies, is a one-stop reference.

240 pages, paperback. Taunton Press (March , 2012)


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