Wood Identification & Use (Compact Edition). Terry Porter.

Wood Identification & Use (Compact Edition).

Taunton Press, 01/2012. A Field Guide to More than 200 Species. Item #25475
ISBN: 9781600854651

This is a great compact edition of a classic!

From the Publisher;

From carpenters to artisans, the choices are plentiful when it comes to
working with wood. How to decide? Pick up this comprehensive, portable reference
including details on selecting and using more than 200 species of wood from
around the world.

Richly illustrated with over 400 photos and 200 drawings, each species gets
full attention with its own photo, plus in-depth information on the wood’s
working properties, seasoning requirements, typical uses, and safety
considerations. Special emphasis is given to wood figure and defects, as well as
health hazards of working with certain wood.

288 pages, paperback. Taunton Press, (January 2012)


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