Item #25471 Small Eco Houses. Alex Sanchez Vidiella Cristina Paredes Benitez.

Small Eco Houses.

Universe, 11/2010. Living Green in Style. Item #25471
ISBN: 9780789320957

From the Publisher;

Fresh perspectives on how good design can create stylish yet ecologically
sound living spaces in small-scale homes. Anyone who has faced the challenges of
limited living space will find inspiration in this survey of the latest trends
in environmentally sensitive, small-scale residential designs. More than fifty
residential spaces are profiled—from woodsy houses and repurposed barns to cool
apartments and urban lofts—both inside and out. Most of the projects were
designed by up-and-coming architects, and each design proves that small-scale
efficiency as well as beautiful, thoughtful design can overcome the apparent
constraints of a small setting.

Environmental impact is a growing concern, so each project was chosen because
of its ecological sensitivity. Each case history describes the challenges
confronting the designer and the solutions. Creating color schemes to enhance
the feeling of openness, taking advantage of high ceilings to make multiple
levels, and using collapsible furniture and sliding doors to maximize space are
some of the design solutions that can be applied in any situation. Filled with
beautiful color photographs and helpful floorplans, this book is a remarkable
showcase of how good design can transform any small space into a comfortable,
modern—and environmentally sensitive—home.

About the Authors;

Cristina Paredes Benítez has degrees in fine arts and in information
science. She is an editor specializing in illustrated books and she has
collaborated with several publishers and photo agencies.

Àlex Sánchez Vidiella earned a degree in art history, specializing in
contemporary art, baroque art, and entertainment art (cinema), from the
University of Barcelona. He has worked as an art history teacher and as an
editor and graphic editor for various publishing houses specializing in art,
architecture, geographic atlases, and scientific encyclopedia. He is currently a
writer and editor, working mostly on books on architecture.

420 pages, paperback. Universe (November 2, 2010)


Price: $35.00