Specifications for Structural Concrete ACI 301-10.

ACI, 04/2011. An ACI Standard. Item #25388
ISBN: ACI30110

From the publisher:

This specification is a Reference Specification that the Engineer or
Architect can make applicable to any construction project by citing it in the
Project Specifications.  The Architect/Engineer supplements the provisions
of this Reference Specification as needed by designating or specifying
individual project requirements.

The document covers materials and proportioning of concrete; reinforcing and
prestressing steels; production, placing, finishing, and curing of concrete; and
formwork design and construction.  Methods of treatment of joints and
embedded items, repair of surface defects, and finishing of formed and unformed
surfaces are specified.  Separate sections are devoted to architectural
concrete, lightweight concrete, mass concrete, prestressed concrete, and
shrinkage-compensating concrete.  Provisions governing testing, evaluation,
and acceptance of concrete as well as acceptance of the structures are included.

75 pages, paperback, ACI (04/2011) 


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