Framing a House. Roe Osborn.

Framing a House.

Taunton Press, 09/2010. Item #25320
ISBN: 9781600851018

From the Publisher;

House framing can be an intimidating challenge. Thousands of pieces of wood
must be cut to precise dimensions, according to a set of plans. Accurate and
safe assembly is critical as the house must support the weight of building
materials, equipment, appliances, and people — there’s simply no room for error.
And yet, this comprehensive, accessible, and highly visual book walks readers
through this complicated process with ease. It’s all here — from using the right
tools and framing a first-floor deck; to building stairs, roofs, and dormers;
and installing exterior trim. Former Fine Homebuilding editor and builder
Roe Osborn doesn’t leave out the hard parts; he simply makes them

About the Author;

Although he has a degree in sculpture from Georgetown University, once out of
college, Roe Osborn had to make a living. He soon found his way into
construction, where he spent years as a professional builder, learning each
aspect of the homebuilding trade. After 15 years with a hammer and tool belt,
Roe joined the staff of Fine Homebuilding magazine in 1994, where as a
senior editor he transformed complex construction subjects into approachable,
understandable packages of concise text and clear photography. Today he makes a
living as an architectural photographer on Cape Cod, where his network of
construction contacts has allowed him to find just the right small house to use
as the model for this book.


240 pages, paperback. Taunton Press (September, 2010)



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