Prefab Houses. Oliver Jahn Arnt Cobbers, Peter Gossel, Author.

Prefab Houses.

Taschen, 06/05/2014. Item #25295
ISBN: 9783836507530

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From the Publisher;

Your brand new home, delivered on a trailer.

A Prefab is a mass produced house, constructed in a factory and assembled on
site in a few days or weeks. Once regarded as a cheap, easy solution for urgent
housing problems, the prefab has evolved to become a synonym for ambitious
design and sophisticated detailing solutions. The amazing history of
prefabricated houses started in England in the 1830's with a building kit for
emigrants moving to Australia.

Even today, prefabricated houses provide a high percentage of living spaces
in many countries of the world. This book covers prefabs from the USA via Europe
to Asia and Africa, giving insight into the various industrially prefabricated
components, the difficulties of delivery to the building site, and the
intricacies of assembly and completion. As well as tracing the liaison between
modernism and industrialization that evolved to produce the latest prefabricated
solutions, it also features a unique compilation of one-off prefabricated houses
by well known international architects, as well as successful dwellings
manufactured off-site for everyday modern living. Readers will also find contact
details for relevant suppliers and manufacturers.

About the Authors;

Editor Peter Gössel runs a practice for the design of museums and
exhibitions. He is the editor of Taschen's monographs on Julius Shulman, R. M.
Schindler, John Lautner and Richard Neutra, as well as the editor of the
Basic Architecture Series

Author Arnt Cobbers studied art history, history and musicology, and
did his PhD in medieval church architecture. He lives as a freelance author in
Berlin, and has written several books, mainly about history and the
architectural history of Berlin. His monographs about Erich Mendelsohn and
Marcel Breuer were published by Taschen Verlag. He is also the editor of music
magazine Concerti.

Author Oliver Jahn (b.1970, Frankfurt am Main) studied literature,
philosophy, and linguistics. He has worked as a freelance writer for Die Welt,
the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Rheinischer Merkur, as an editor at Suhrkamp Verlag,
and as design and architecture editor at Monopol magazine. Currently he
is director of architecture and design at Architectural Digest magazine.

432 pages, hardcover. Taschen (originally printed August 1, 2010, new format June 2014)


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