Crafting the Considerate House. David Gerstel.

Crafting the Considerate House.

Latitude 67, 05/15/2010. Item #25220
ISBN: 9780982670958

From the Publisher:

Crafting the Considerate House tells the story of designing and
building a home for our times--one that is mindful of both environmental and
dollar costs, yet responsive to our needs and wants. In his fast moving
narrative, author David Gerstel, a skilled and seasoned builder with several
admired books to his credit, involves the reader in the challenge and excitement
of creating a house that is highly energy efficient, healthy, and a pleasure to
live in. You experience the project up close from first imaginings through the
final construction of interior finishes and meet and share in the camaraderie of
the remarkable craftspeople who worked alongside the author. Even as you are
entertained by the lively and thoughtful chronicle, you are educated in the
crafting of a sturdy, dollarwise, and striking home.

From Builders Booksource:

David Gerstel has been a friend and customer of Builders Booksource for as
long as we can remember (28 years?). So maybe we aren't the best source for an
objective review of "Considerate House"...but then again, we're convinced that
every builder, architect, homeowner, or would be homeowner needs
to read David's new book...and will enjoy it as well!

The Publishers
has excerpts from the book and reviews as well, check it out...

255 pages, illustrated paperback. Latitude 67 Publishers. May 2010


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