Wood Flooring. Andrew Engel Charles Peterson.

Wood Flooring.

Taunton Press, 02/2010. A complete guide to layout, installation and finishing. Item #25113
ISBN: 9781561589852

From the Publisher;

Mention hardwood floors and watch a homebuyer's eyes light up. What makes
wood floors so desirable? Hardwood floors are unmatched for their beauty,
durability, and ease of maintenance, so it's no surprise that the demand for
hardwood has always been strong. In recent years that demand has been fueled by
the availability of more types of wood, including exotic species such as
Brazilian cherry, as well as engineered woods.

This professional-level resource covers every aspect of installing
residential wood flooring -- from estimating and preparing the job site, through
sanding and finishing, to repairs and maintenance. Hardwood floor expert
Charles Peterson
covers it all in this indispensable guide to the most
popular flooring choice around.

336 pages, hardcover, with 450 color photographs and 50 drawings. Taunton
Press, (February 2010)


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