Item #24796 Plumbing Complete. Rex Cauldwell.

Plumbing Complete.

05/2009. Expert Advice from Start to Finish. Item #24796
ISBN: 9781561588558

From the Publisher;

If you want to tackle a home plumbing job yourself -- and save a few bucks in
the process -- here's the book for you. In Plumbing Complete, master
plumber Rex Cauldwell gives you all the expert advice you'll need to
handle virtually any plumbing project with confidence.

From the basic plumbing problems everyone faces to complex challenges that
are a little trickier, you'll learn everything you need to get things running
smoothly again. (The few projects not covered by the author are ones that
absolutely should be handled by a plumbing professional.)

What's unique about this book is how easy it is to find and use the valuable
information on every page -- with detailed instructions and clear, step-by-step
photos that make every procedure easy to understand and implement.

You'll also appreciate the intuitive finding devices and table of contents
featuring visual symbols that make it easy to find whatever type of project
you're looking for -- and get started quickly.

Here's an example of what you'll discover:

  • The tools you'll need for every project

  • Understanding the drain/vent system

  • How to clean and unclog pipes

  • Repairing faucets and toilets

  • Installing a new bath

  • Working with kitchen appliances

  • How to fix outdoor plumbing

When you consider the high cost of even the most simple plumbing repair job,
it's easy to see how this useful book can be a smart investment that helps you
save on every job you handle yourself.

256 pages, with 963 full-color photographs and 76 drawings, paperback.
Taunton Press (May 2009)



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