The Senior Cohousing Handbook, 2nd Edition. Charles Durrett.

The Senior Cohousing Handbook, 2nd Edition.

New Society Publishers, 04/2009. A Community Approach to Independent Living. Item #24778
ISBN: 9780865716117

From the Publisher;

No matter how rich life is in youth and middle age, the elder years can bring
on increasing isolation and loneliness as social connections lessen, especially
if friends and family members move away.

Senior cohousing fills a niche for this demographic—the healthy, educated,
and proactive adults who want to live in a social and environmentally vibrant
community. These seniors are already wanting to ward off the aging process, so
they are unlikely to want to live in assisted housing. Senior cohousing revolves
around custom-built neighborhoods organized by the seniors themselves in order
to fit in with their real needs, wants, and aspirations for health, longevity,
and quality of life.

Senior Cohousing is a comprehensive guide to joining or creating a
cohousing project, written by the US leader in the field. The author deals with
all the psychological and logistical aspects of senior cohousing and addresses
common concerns, fears, and misunderstandings. He emphasizes the many positive
benefits of cohousing, including:

  • Better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health

  • Friendships and accessible social contact

  • Safety and security

  • Affordability

  • Shared resources

  • Successful aging requires control of one’s life, and today's generation
    of seniors—the baby boomers—will find that this book holds a compelling
    vision for their future.

About the Author;

Charles Durrett is the principal at McCamant & Durrett, a firm that
specializes in affordable and community-based multi-family housing and cohousing.
He has consulted on or designed over fifty cohousing communities internationally
and lives in Nevada City, California. He co-authored the groundbreaking
with his wife and business partner Kathryn McCamant.

320 pages, paperback. New Society Publishers (April, 2009)


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