Ranch Houses: Living the California Dream. Lucia Howard, David Weingarten, Ace Architects.

Ranch Houses: Living the California Dream.

Rizzoli International, 04/01/2009. Item #24725
ISBN: 9780847831821


From the Publisher: With its archetypal open plan and reverence
of indoor-outdoor living, the Ranch house is at the very heart of the California
dream. When we picture California Ranch houses--the low-slung, informal
dwellings that engulfed suburbs after World War II--we are thinking of just one
part of a phenomenon that has its roots in early-nineteenth-century ranchos, and
which continues today in houses that are startling and up-to-the-minute.
Examples of the type have been called ranchos, ranchers, and California
ramblers. They have been styled Spanish, Japanese, and French; Monterey and
International; Vernacular, Minimalist, and Modernist. From the 1797 Rancho Los
Alamitos of Long Beach to such contemporary homes as the Miller Residence of
Corte Madera, Ranch Houses unveils the great variety and the very finest
examples of this multifaceted form. Including the work of such architectural
luminaries as Cliff May, Richard Neutra, John Lautner, and Charles Moore, Ranch
Houses is an essential resource for architects, home owners, and all those who
aspire to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that is the California Dream.

Review Quotes: "If you're longing to vicariously experience a
bit of sunshine, pick up the new book RANCH HOUSES: Living the California Dream
by architects David Weingarten and Lucia Howard, with photos by Joe
Fletcher....Their list contains the familiar and the unexpected, and they
acknowledge both the limitations and the vast possibilities inherent in this
classic American house type." ~CustomHomeOnline.com

From Builders Booksource: Having always enjoyed the work of
"Ace Architects" Lucia Howard and David Weingarten, we are delighted to have
this new look at the archetypal "Ranch House".

240 pages, hardcover. Rizzoli International (April 2009)


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