The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live. Kira Obolensky Sarah Susanka.

The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live.

Taunton Press, 10/2008. Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition. Item #24577
ISBN: 9781600851506

From the Publisher;

Ten years ago, Sarah Susanka started a revolution in home design with a
deceptively simple message: quality should always come before quantity. Now, the
book that celebrated that bold declaration is back in this special 10th
anniversary edition featuring a new introduction and 16 additional pages that
explore three new homes.

Nearly a quarter-million people bought this ground-breaking book when it was
published in Fall 1998. Since then, the book's simple message -- that quality
should come before quantity -- has started a movement in home design. Homeowners
now know to expect more. And the people responsible for building our homes have
also gotten the message. Architects and builders around the country report
clients showing up with dog-eared copies of The Not So Big House, pages
marked to a favorite section.

Why are we drawn more to smaller, more personal spaces than to larger, more
expansive ones? Why do we spend more time in the kitchen than we do in the
formal dining room? The Not So Big House proposes clear, workable
guidelines for creating homes that serve both our spiritual needs and our
material requirements, whether for a couple with no children, a family, empty
nesters, or one person alone.

In 1999, Sarah Susanka was then architect and principal with Mulfinger,
Susanka, Mahady & Partners, the firm selected to design the 1999 Life Dream
House brought Frank Lloyd Wright's same common-sense, human-scale design
principles to our generation. Consider which rooms in your house you use and
enjoy most, and you have a sense of the essential principles of The Not So
Big House
. Whether you seek comfort and calm or activity and energy at home,
The Not So Big House offers a place for every mood.

"Susanka shows how to downsize the dream house without diminishing the
dream." -- Washington Post

227 pages, paperback. Taunton Press (September, 2009)


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