Quick Card: Construction Estimating: Estimating Concepts. Inc Builder's Book.

Quick Card: Construction Estimating: Estimating Concepts.

Builders Book, Inc., 01/2007. Item #23647
ISBN: 9781889892696

From the Publisher;

This 6-page guide (same low price as our 4-page cards!) provides a collection
of checklists, formulas, quick look-ups and tables for the estimator. A great
reference for the general contractor and subcontractor alike.

Pointers on creating accurate and profitable estimates

Rules-of-thumb on realistic estimates

Estimating reminders: a list of often-overlooked items that can make or break
a project

Basic weights and measures and equivalents

Calculating areas and volumes for circles, squares and rectangles,
parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids, trapezoidal prisms (typical of walls,
footings and piers), etc.

Common sources of estimating errors

Tables of decimal equivalents: minutes, hours and days

Basic Cycle times (30-, 45-, 60-, 75- and 90-seconds)

 Typical Cycle times for excavators, loaders, and dump trucks

Estimating math and techniques for concrete walls: formwork and concrete,
reinforcement, misc.

Estimating math and techniques for drywall: quick-calculations for
rectangular rooms

 Stucco and plaster work

Typical thicknesses required for concrete slabs

Labor costs

 Additional costs (design, engineering, documentation and permits, owner
orientation, etc.)

Rounding off for materials and prices

6 pages, laminated. Builder's Book, Inc. (January 2007)


Price: $7.95

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