Quick Card: Electrical Wiring Guide 2017 NEC. Inc Builder's Book.

Quick Card: Electrical Wiring Guide 2017 NEC.

Builders Book, Inc., 01/2017. Item #23645
ISBN: 9781622701483

From the Publisher;

This 6-page guide provides the tables and formulas needed on a daily
basis, making this laminated, full-color reference a true essential for every
electrical contractor.


Conductors, cable insulation moisture ratings, additional insulation letter
codes, specific wiring applications, safety first + safety always = good
electrician, cord flexible cords and cable uses, calculating branch circuit
voltage drop in percent, voltage drop formulas, conductor size /voltage drop
conductor length/voltage drop, voltage drop using Ohm’s law, electrical cable
class ratings,busway or busduct, swithboards or switchgears, circuit
breaker/fuse sizes, pull box and junction box sizes, panel board sizes,
disconnect sizes, gutter and wireway sizes, standard wiring colors,
outlet/devices/junction box fill, conductor volume allowance.

6 pages, laminated. Builder's Book, Inc. (January 2017)



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