Item #23644 Quick Card: Residential Construction: Foundations. Inc Builder's Book.

Quick Card: Residential Construction: Foundations.

Builder's Book, Inc., 01/2005. Item #23644
ISBN: 9781889892542

From the Publisher;

A good building starts with a great foundation! This handy 4-page guide cover
the basics of this critical step in residential construction. Great for
contractors, property owners... anyone who needs a quick overview of the basics
involved in this key building phase.

Foundation Checklist Setting survey stakes

When you need a Soils Engineer

Forms: Formwork checklist

Concrete: Transit mix, field mixing

Water-to-cement ratio

Mixing, placing and curing concrete

Inspections and Testing

Slab on grade: expansion joints

Slab defects: causes, prevention and remedies

Illustrations: Soil types, U.S. frost penetration map, foundation layout,
typical details for slab-on-grade and raised floor foundations, stepped footing.

4 pages, laminated. Builder's Book, Inc. (January 2005)


Price: $7.95

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