Quick Card: Construction Essentials: Lumber. Inc Builder's Book.

Quick Card: Construction Essentials: Lumber.

Builders Book, Inc., 01/2007. Item #23642
ISBN: 9781889892719

From the Publisher;

This 4-page card quickly covers the construction essentials you need in
lumber: the formulas and rules of thumb for calculating dimensions, surface
areas, volume, etc. Special sections focus on specific essentials for each area
of lumber...

Specification Lumber Checklist

Softwood Lumber Classifications

Softwood Lumber Categories

Softwood Lumber Grading Categories

Dimension Lumber



Minimum Lumber Sizes

Rough Sawn Lumber



Finish Lumber

Much More!

4 pages, Laminated. Builder's Book, Inc. (January 2007)


Price: $7.95

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