Quick Cards: California 20-Day Preliminary Notice. Builder's Book Inc.

Quick Cards: California 20-Day Preliminary Notice.

Builders Book, Inc. Item #23121
ISBN: 9781889892573

From the Publisher;

Preserve your ability to collect, and ensure your customer's timely payment.
Use the California 20-Day Preliminary Notice for Private Works!

IMPORTANT: You can't record a Mechanics' Lien if you haven't previously
provided your customer with the 20-Day Preliminary Notice.

This 4-page laminated guide gives you everything you need to know:

What is the notice?

 Definitions of important terms.

 Answers to common questions.

 Timing: when to deliver the notice.

 How to fill in the notice: a sample form, showing how it looks when

 Blank form included for your use.

 Checklist and flow-chart so you'll understand the entire process and
every important deadline


4 pages, laminated. (January, 2006)


Price: $7.95

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