Quick Card: Plumbing Septic Systems. Builder's Book Inc.

Quick Card: Plumbing Septic Systems.

Builder's Book Inc., 01/2006. Item #23118
ISBN: 9781889892665

From the publisher;

This 4-page, full-color guide provides great information about septic
systems... from a basic overview of the typical septic system, to specific rules
for sizing and locating each component. Includes information on sewer systems,
household water use (load on septic systems), cost comparison (Septic System vs.
Sewer), minimum tank sizes, sizing leach line trenches, seepage pit and grease
trap requirements, EPA requirements, checklists, state and local agency roles,
safety rules, seepage pit checklist, typical septic tank (illustration), septic
system (illustration),  basic septic system soil and soil conditions, soil
terminology ,greywater systems, options for difficult sites, leach line
checklist, signs of failures, causes of failures, the failing system (what to
do) and abandoning a septic system.

4 pages, laminated. (January 2006)


Price: $7.95

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