Quick Card: Plumbing Code Essentials. Builders Book Inc.

Quick Card: Plumbing Code Essentials.

Builders Book, Inc., 01/2005. Item #23117
ISBN: 9781889892528

From the Publisher;

This 4-page guide provides a great overview of the plumbing codes and how to
apply them to your work.

Understanding the code Model codes... what are they? what do they mean to me?
Plans, isometrics, estimates and permits Applying for a plumbing permit... what
you'll need to know Inspections, tests and maintenance Illustrations of typical
townhouse plumbing (2-story), hot and cold water systems, multi-story waste
system, and more. Plumbing glossary with a design/compliance focus.

4 pages, laminated. Builder's Book Inc. (January 2005)



Price: $7.95

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