Septic System Owner's Manual, Revised Edition. Lloyd Kahn and, Peter Aschwanden.

Septic System Owner's Manual, Revised Edition.

Shelter Publications, 01/07. Subterranean Mysteries Revealed. Item #22765
ISBN: 0936070404

From the Publisher:

There are currently more than 25 million septic systems in the United States.
Moreover, each year, some 400,000 new systems are built. Yet in spite of such
widespread usage, the average homeowner seems to know little about the basic
operation and appropriate maintenance of a septic system.

This book describes the conventional gravity-fed septic system, how it works,
how it should be treated (what should and should not go down the drain), how it
should be maintained, and what to do if things go wrong. There is also basic
information on the recent evolution in composting toilet systems, designs for
simple greywater systems, and some of the typical alternatives to the standard,
gravity-fed septic system.

There is a chapter with advice to any community faced with town-wide septic
upgrades, and last, an illustrated chapter on the history of waterborne waste

Who Is This Book For? Primarily homeowners (or home dwellers), but also for
builders, architects, plumbers, septic contractors, pumpers, and realtors, as
well as health departments, wastewater districts, and small towns — anyone who
wants to understand these very important, but often misunderstood, working

From Builders Booksource:

Very few titles are available on the subject of septic systems. It's strange
when you realize that 25% of all single family homes are on some kind of
"private" sewer system! For such a serious topic, we are delighted by this
book's excellent illustrations (by the illustrator of the classic "How to Keep
Your Volkswagen Alive") and clear explanations. Personally we love this book!

179 pages, paperback. Shelter Publications (January 2007)


Price: $19.95

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