Builder's Guide to Drainage & Retaining Walls. Max Schwartz, Hamid Azizi.

Builder's Guide to Drainage & Retaining Walls.

Builder's Book, Inc., 01/07. with CD-ROM companion! Item #22705
ISBN: 188989267X

From the Publisher:

Features more than 100 illustrations,
plus 100 details!  Establishing adequate drainage is a critical first step
in many of today's construction projects. And often, retaining walls must be
used to provide a sufficiently level grade. These two topics, then - Drainage
and Retaining Walls - necessarily go hand-in-hand, and this unique reference
provides a comprehensive introduction to doing both right. PLUS
a full glossary, detailed index, more than 100 new black-and-white
illustrations, and 100 sample details.

Included CD-ROM brings you the entire book in Adobe PDF format, for job-site
reference and quick word searching. (Printing has been disabled for the book.) A
second PDF file on the CD-ROM includes the 100 sample details which you can
print out. Requires the FREE Adobe Reader software.

289 pages, paperback. 
Builder's Book, Inc. (January 2007)


Price: $59.95

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