How to Build Your Own Greenhouse. Roger Marshall.

How to Build Your Own Greenhouse.

Storey Publishing, 12/06. Item #22666
ISBN: 158017647X

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For avid gardeners, the biggest downside of the hobby is the limited growing
season in much of the country. Gardening during the winter is often reduced to
tending houseplants and browsing seed catalogs for next summer’s tomato choices.

Master Gardener and builder Roger Marshall enthusiastically presents his case
for home greenhouses with a thorough examination of everything the potential
builder needs to know. Marshall’s coverage of the subject begins with a careful
consideration of the various purposes served by greenhouses. Will the structure
be used as a damp, warm hothouse for rare orchids? A tropical paradise for
banana and citrus trees? A friendlier environment in which to get a jump on a
summer vegetable garden is the goal for many gardeners, while an inviting
setting for a year-round hot tub surrounded by lush greenery has an undeniable
appeal. Whatever its eventual use will be, Marshall helps the reader examine
every option and make an informed choice.

After determining the type and style of the structure, Marshall progresses,
chapter by chapter, through the construction elements of the greenhouse — from
choosing a site, to laying the foundation and determining which glazing material
will work best. Plumbing, heating, supplemental lighting, misting, and automatic
venting systems are also covered for the truly committed reader/gardener.

The final section of the book includes detailed plans for nine actual
greenhouses, from a simple cold frame to an elaborately detailed framed,
detached structure. Whatever the greenhouse goal, Marshall opens the way to
longer growing seasons, abundant organically grown fruits and vegetables, and
many more happy months playing in the dirt!


256 pages, paperback, Storey Publishing (December 2006)


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