Item #21903 Be Your Own House Contractor / 5th edition. Carl Heldmann.

Be Your Own House Contractor / 5th edition.

Storey, 04/06. Revised & Expanded. Item #21903
ISBN: 1580178405

From the publisher:

Building or Renovating Your House?

Don't place yourself at the mercy of general contractors!

If you can balance a checkbook and deal fairly and completely with others,
you can manage an entire construction project yourself--find and purchase land,
set a workable budget, and hire subcontractors to do the actual building. 
Save as much as 25 percent off the price of a new house simply by understanding
and controlling your costs.

With veteran homebuilder Carl Heldmann as your guide, you will be able to
build or renovate your dream house the way you want, for less. He tells you how

  • Select land

  • Secure financing

  • Establish schedules

  • Identify cost-saving options

  • Hire subcontractors

  • Buy materials and supplies

168 pages, paperback, Storey (April 2006)


Price: $16.95

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