QuickPass Study Guide Plumbing License Examination - CD-ROM C-36.

Builder's Book, Inc., 04/01/2004. QuickPass software is designed specifically to help you pass your California State exam. Item #20420
ISBN: c36cd

Based on years of experience, observing what makes a candidate successful,
the QuickPass developers created software that works the very same way. The
information built into every QuickPass product — the practice questions and
their answers — is taken from current exams and it's kept up-to-date, so when
you buy a QuickPass package, you're getting the latest collection of questions
possible. QuickPass Study Tools are Windows-compatible CD-ROM packages that help
you prepare for your California State Contractor's License Examination. To
install and use QuickPass Study Tools, you'll need a computer with a CD-ROM
drive, at least 40 MB of available hard disk space, running Windows 98/2000/XP.
The main objective and central purpose of the CD-ROM is to provide a concise
presentation of the examination.

The Plumbing Examination is divided into six major sections. .

  • 1. Plumbing Design (10%).

  • 2. Rough/Top Out Plumbing Installation (23%).

  • 3. Finish Plumbing Installation (14%).

  • 4. Plumbing Repair/Maintenance (20%).

  • 5. Testing of Plumbing Systems (8%) .

  • 6. Safety (25%) .

*Percentages are approximate*.

BONUS... All QuickPass packages come with the Mathematics (58 questions) and
Blueprint Reading (200 questions) practice tests, at no extra charge!

page for more explanation and a list of all the available topics!


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