Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture. J. Bergmann H. Slawik, M. Buchmeier, s Tinney, Author.

Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture.

Gestalten Verlag, 05/2010. Item #25250
ISBN: 9783899552867

From the Publisher;

Shipping containers are modular, affordable, and virtually indestructible.
More and more often they are being used to build temporary structures such as
pavilions, offices, galleries, and bars that can be easily moved if necessary.
This phenomenon has a name: container architecture.

Container Atlas presents a wide range of contemporary projects along
with an in-depth investigation into the background and evolution of this topical
field. The book illustrates how containers are being used as building blocks to
accommodate the daily lives and special events of urban nomads. Because the
structures that containers are used to build are not meant to be permanent,
their architecture has a more short-term and playful character that often
references current trends. Container Atlas features advertising, pop-up
stores, and temporary exhibits that are built using this approach as well as
sophisticated housing and office spaces. Found in both urban and rural settings,
these container structures provoke and inspire while setting new standards in
functionality and aesthetics.

Including detailed reports by experts in the field, Container Atlas
explains the historical development of container use in architecture, documents
plans, describes associated costs, and suggests concrete solutions for common
problems. The book also introduces the various types of containers currently in
use today, from standard shipping models to modular pieces made to order out of
various materials or with customized cutouts. Container Atlas is a
practical and inspirational reference for architects, planners, and cultural
activists as well as event and marketing managers, to guide them in deciding
what types of containers are best suited to their upcoming projects.

About the Author:

With years of theoretical and practical experience in the fields of container
architecture and modular building, architect and professor Han Slawik and
his team have established themselves as international experts in these fields.

256 pages, hardcover. Die Gestalten Verlag (May, 2010)


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